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Fernand Léger,Ballet Mécanique,1924.


Nicholas Ruiz creates bow ties from recycled objects for the MoMA

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Francis Picabia as a ballerina in Entr’acte, 1924, a film by René Clair

(Scenario : Francis Picabia, Music : Erik Satie , 35 mm black & white, 20 min, Paris, Centre Pompidou.)


Top 5 Tumblrtoons posts of 2011!!!

5) Daily Doh Steve Jobs- 593 notes

This was my thank you DOHtrait tribute to Steve Jobs, founder of Apple.

4) Life After Myth character designs- 597 notes

My friends Ryan Darst & Whit Hertford made a feature length indy film called Dreamworld, about an animator who must decide if he wants to face reality or stay in his dreamworld. It’s an honor that Whit consulted w/ me and loosely based his character Oliver off of me and my cartoon pitching experiences, down to using my art & designs throughout the film. Watch my character designs for “Oliver’s” cartoon Life After Myth come to life in the LAM faux trailer!

Dreamworld Trailer

3) Film Shark’s 1st comic- 985 notes

Film Shark, America’s greatest film critic EVER, in his debut comic!

2) Daily Doh Super Derp Man- 4,342 notes

Truly a moment of super derpdom… this Daily Dohtrait made the tumblr radar somehow.

1) Conan/Archie Mashup- 9,580 notes

This one was cray-cray. My Conan meets Archie mashup tribute was picked up by tumblr sites like LA Weekly, Mtv’s Geek, Laughing Squid & many more. Most notably, it got picked up by Team Coco’s own tumblr site

I’m still trying to place into the Team Coco Art Gallery TOP #5 Sweet spot! Currently, I’m at #6 w/ 424 LIKE/Votes! I need your help to gain 42 more LIKE/VOTES to slip into #5!

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I wanna thank all my Tumblrtoon Pals for all the liking, reblogging, following, encouragement & support you’ve shown me during 2011. You guys are what make my professional doodling all worthwhile. I really appreciate it! Here’s to a bad ass 2012 for all of us! Happy New Year!

All the best,

-Jeaux Janovsky

my top 5 list was inspired by The Stray, who you should all follow cause his work is awesome!

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Movie Icons

illustrations by Jason :: via


‘Men In Black’ by Eric Fan

Pixel Star Wars  by El Ducko

artist: tumblr || deviantART || blog

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The Empire Strikes-Bat by Tim Hanson

Part of the custom Stormtrooper’s project, Art Troopers from Sideshow Collectables.

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The amazing Star Wars fan film “A Light in the Darkness” is now finished and ready for viewing thanks to creators Fed Wetherbee & PJ Tamayo. The adventure takes place approximately 1 year Before the Battle of Yavin and is full of greatness. But, you don’t have to take my word for it.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

You can also watch the 40 minute fan film straight through on their website.
A Light in the Darkness | Star Wars Fan Film (Facebook) (Twitter)
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The original screen worn costumes for Christopher Reeve/Superman, Lynda Carter/Wonder Woman, Adam West/Batman and Burt Ward/Robin.

scanned from Superman:The Complete History, Wonder Woman:The Complete History and Batman:The Complete History :: Chronicle Books :: various years

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